New Construction Installation

Hire us to complete your new home construction with a long-lasting roof.

New Construction Installation

Roof Repairs

Was your roof damaged in a storm? We can fix it for you.

Roof Repairs


Reinforce your old, worn-out roof with a new layer of shingles.


Make Sure Your House Has A Strong Roof

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If your roof is ever compromised, it can leak water into your home and lead to expensive repairs. You need a roof you can rely on to keep the elements out. CM Construction is a skilled roofing contractor in Billings, MT that can take care of your home.

We provide new roof installation and roof repair services for all kinds of roofs, including metal, EPDM and architectural shingles. Were your shingles damaged in a hailstorm? Turn to the roof repair experts for help.

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Save money with reroofing

Maybe your roof needs to be replaced, but you're not ready for the cost of a full replacement. With reroofing services, we will remove the existing shingles, repair any damage, and install new, high-quality shingles. Not only will your roof be functional and attractive, but it can also end up stronger and more durable. You can add years to your roof's life span and spare yourself the cost of an expensive replacement.

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Did Your Roof Spring A Leak?

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We specialize in composite shingle roofing

With over a decade of roofing experience, our roofing contractor can work with any roofing material. However, we recommend composite shingle roofs. You'll love composite shingle roofing because:

Your roof will be less likely to fade, remaining beautiful for years

Composite roofs are more durable than traditional asphalt, giving you extra protection

It's easy to replace damaged composite shingles, saving you money on future repairs

You can customize your roof with different colors and styles to match your house

You can count on your composite roof to last for decades with minimal care. You'll have peace of mind knowing that the company owner is at every job site. You can also get one of our warranties or maintenance plans for further assurance.

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